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== Keyoxide
I have setup a link:https://[profile at Keyoxide]
I have setup a link:[profile at Keyoxide]
which has all of the information about my key. It also serves as proof of ownership to many
of my online accounts.
I also have a WKD (Web Key Directory) server setup so supported clients should be able to automatically import my key based on my email marko (at)
== Update 2022-08-28: new key
I have decided to change my old RSA key to ed25519. I have link:assets/marko_korhonen_pgp.asc.sig[signed the new key] with link:assets/old_key/marko_korhonen_pgp.asc[my old key] if you wish to verify cryptographically that the new key belongs to me (given that you believed that my old key belonged to me to begin with 😉). Revocation certificate for the old key is available at link:assets/old_key/marko_korhonen_pgp.rev[here].