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@ -84,22 +84,23 @@ self-hostable and I didn't feel like implementing support for a different
platform myself. This might be a cool future project at some point though.
== Automating the build process
_Update 2022-12-17: I have switched from Drone CI to Woodpecker CI. Woodpecker is a FOSS fork of Drone as Drone has moved to a proprietary license._
While I was setting up this site, I found out about
link:https://www.drone.io[Drone] which seems to suit my needs beautifully.
link:https://woodpecker-ci.org[Woodpecker CI] which seems to suit my needs beautifully.
I have tried link:https://www.jenkins.io[Jenkins] in the past but didn't
find it very easy to work with and I didn't like the fact that it was so heavy
on resources.
Setting up Drone took only about 30 minutes thanks to the excellent
Setting up Woodpecker took only about 30 minutes thanks to the excellent
documentation and native link:https://gitea.io[Gitea] Support
(which I was already using for some years before this). Setting up the
pipeline took a little bit more trial and error but in the end it proved
to be pretty easy.
You can see the pipeline
and my Gitea/Drone configuration
link:https://git.korhonen.cc/FunctionalHacker/korhonen.cc/src/branch/main/.woodpecker.yml[here] my Gitea configuration
link:https://git.korhonen.cc/FunctionalHacker/dotfiles/src/branch/main/docker/gitea/docker-compose.toml[here] and Woodpecker configuration link:https://git.korhonen.cc/FunctionalHacker/dotfiles/src/branch/main/docker/woodpecker/docker-compose.toml[here].
== Future plans
I don't plan to become a regular blogger any time soon but if I find